Wednesday, October 12, 2016

NBA 2K17

The "NBA 2K17" patch update will reportedly address some bugs and glitches found in the game. To be fair, however, the complaints have been few and far between from players who have tried the latest installment in the franchise.
Among the bugs and glitches that are being resolved in the "NBA 2K17" patch update include the issue when the character in MyPLAYER looks blurred during the interview portion with the studio crew.
Another problem is when the overall rating of a player will be stuck at 55 when gamers look over their player card during the shootaround. The MyLEAGUE Online also could not preserve the loaded custom draft classes, while the complaints by some users on pre-order about not being able to see the '92 Dream Team on the Play Now select menu have also been resolved.
Also, there are some problems with the connection online which have also been addressed by the "NBA 2K17" patch update.
Some PC users also reported about the game skipping during the middle of the game. Adding to the frustration is the game freezes right after and they have to restart their computers. However, the number of reports has been few.

What’s new in MyTEAM this year?

  • New Player Overalls and Gem Levels
  • Dynamic Duos
  • Free Agent trial cards
  • Quick Challenges
  • Collection completion rewards
  • MyTEAM Blacktop
  • MyTEAM Online
  • Smarter Matchmaking
  • Stat Tracking
  • The Diamond Board
  • Defensive MT bonuses
  • New Lineup management screen
  • Hall of Fame badges

New Player Overalls and Gem Levels

Let’s start with the cards this year. The first thing we did was squash the stats for every player in the current NBA collection. Wait, hold on, and before you flip over a table because last year’s MVP is rated at an 85 OVR, let me explain why this is actually awesome.
This year we took the concepts of Moments cards and Dynamic Ratings cards and merged them into one. We will be adding new Moments cards more frequently as well as expanding the definition of what constitutes a moment. It could be a player hitting a career high, a rookie having a breakout performance, or a rare occurrences where a player does something unbelievable. As the season progresses, upgraded Moments versions of players will start to appear in our packs. That means that any current player’s ratings can grow throughout the season based on their performance next year, so the sky is the limit and no more negative ratings updates on players. This also allows us to not hit a “ceiling” early when it comes to certain players, with steady progression throughout the year.
Historic NBA player’s ratings are now based on Moments in their career. Sometimes these will be a specific season, but they can reflect an entire era or a specific game. This means that we can pick and choose better versions of historic players. We’ve eliminated all Silver and Bronze level historic players, so every historic player is Gold or above.
This year, card levels will range from Bronze level rookies and bench players trying to break out to Pink Diamond performances engraved in NBA history. In all, we have 9 levels of cards–Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst, Diamond, and Pink Diamond. Tier colors are directly tied to player OVR ratings.

Dynamic Duos

The Holy Grail around here has been to try to find a way to reflect the magic that some players had when playing together. Those of us old enough can remember Stockton and Malone destroying defenses with their pick and roll game. Both players were great in their own right, but were amazing when they shared the court. Some of you young guns might think of Klay and Steph or KD and Westbrook.


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