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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Madden 17 Cheat Codes and Walkthroughs

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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:
    Madden NFL 17 Master (Platinum): Congratulations on earning every Madden NFL 17 trophy!
    Antifreeze (Bronze): Make a FG while iced. (No Sim)
    BOOM (Silver): Win 3 tackle battles on defense. (No Sim)
    Enforcement (Bronze): Make a tackle for a loss while controlling the Force player. (No Sim)
    Luck of the Irish (Silver): Execute a fake FG for a TD or 2 Point Conversion. (No Sim)
    Mouse Trap (Silver): Execute a successful fake punt for a first down. (No Sim)
    Move Master (Silver): Successfully fake-out a defender when prompted to perform a ball carrier special move. (No Sim)
    POW (Silver): Win 3 tackle battles on offense. (No Sim)
    Run Degree (Bronze): Earn at least a bronze medal in all 8 Run Concepts inside of Skills Trainer.
    The Ball is Free! (Silver): Successfully block a punt. (No Sim)
    The White Whale (Silver): Successfully block a Field Goal. (No SuperSim, Co-Op, Practice or Skills Trainer)
    Threw down the Gauntlet Again (Bronze): Defeat the Level 25 Boss of the Skills Trainer Gauntlet.
    Triple Crown (Silver): Record a sack, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery with the same player on a single play. (No Sim)
    Beyond a Hobby (Bronze): Complete a MUT set.
    Grindin' Solos (Bronze): Win a MUT Solo Challenge.
    Negotiator (Bronze): Win a MUT auction.
    This is My Ultimate Team (Bronze): Create a MUT Team.
    Now Do It Again (Bronze): Complete your first Draft Champions experience.
    Good on Paper (Gold): Draft a team with an OVR greater than 82 in Draft Champions.
    Team Building 101 (Silver): Activate two Chemistries at the same time.
    The Champion (Gold): Complete a Draft Champions draft undefeated.
    Online Next? (Bronze): Complete a Single-Player Draft Champions experience.
    Great Pick (Bronze): Draft a player with an OVR at least Bronze higher than the player he replaces in Draft Champions.
    Draftaholic (Silver): Complete 5 Drafts.
    Going For Gold (Gold): Earn gold from a drill inside the Skill Trainer.
    Comeback City (Bronze): Comeback and win when trailing by 17+ points at halftime. (No SuperSim, Co-Op or Ultimate Moments)
    Tom Brady Legacy Award (Gold): Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 25,000.
    Devonta Freeman Legacy Award (Bronze): Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 400.
    Dan Rooney Legacy Award (Bronze): Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 6,075.
    Alshon Jeffrey Legacy Award (Bronze): Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 1,150.
    JJ Watt Legacy Award (Bronze): Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 7,500.
    Rob Gronkowski Legacy Award (Bronze): Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 4,500.
    Aaron Rodgers Legacy Award (Bronze): Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 8,000.
    Julio Jones Legacy Award (Bronze): Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 2,150.
    John Madden Legacy Award (Silver): Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 10,100.
    Marcus Mariota Legacy Award (Bronze): Using a created player, coach, or owner -


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Infinite VC
At the main menu, select "Play Now", then "Play Now Online", and choose a Tier 5 team. Wait for the jump ball animation, then just before the tip starts, quit the game entirely by either closing the game app from the system menu or resetting the system. You should get approximately 400 VC. Repeat this process as many times as desired to get an unlimited amount of VC. Note: Currently you are able to avoid a soft ban, which can last between 5 minutes and 15 minutes, by doing it this way. This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game and will probably eventually get patched.
At the main menu, select "Play Now", then "Play Now Online", and choose a Tier 4 team. Once the game starts, immediately foul the opposing team, then pause the game and select "Quit". You should get approximately 500 VC. Repeat the same progress again. After quitting a second time, quit the game entirely by either closing the game app from the system menu or resetting the system. Then, repeat this process as many times as desired to get an unlimited amount of VC. Note: Some players have reported getting a soft ban that lasts between 5 minutes and 15 minutes for doing this, but there have been no reports of permanent bans. This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game and will probably eventually get patched.
Easy VC
Set up a MyLeague using one of the historic Bulls team, then Simcast live through each game to get approximately 200 to 300 VC for each game. It takes about 15 minutes per game.
Download the MyNBA2K17 app. You can get free VC at least three times a day, using three accounts (for example, using your iPad and Android device). You can login via GameCenter to get VC, then Google to get more VC, then just using your 2K account via Xbox Live. They are three different sets of cards for three times the daily VC.
In MyCareer mode, an easy way to get VC is from endorsement meetings and events. Complete as many games as possible in the shortest duration and attend these meetings to get a good amount of VC. Additionally, if you are confident in your abilities, you can try playing MyCareer games on the Hall Of Fame difficulty to get as much as 1,000 VC per game –- depending on how you perform.
In MyLeague mode, let the CPU play the franchise games. All you need to do is to make sure to leave the controller in the middle of the game and let the AI control both the teams. At the end of the game, you will be awarded with a decent amount VC –- depending on the length of the game. You can simply leave the game running in the background and do other things. Return when the game complete and start a new game. Repeat this as many times as desired.
Download the NBA 2K17 smartphone app titled MyNBA2K17. For almost everything you do in the app, you will earn a small amount of VC. You can also watch the NBA 2KTV clips that appear when you start the game and answer some simple questions afterwards to get a decent amount of VC.
Grand Badges
Grand Badges are secret badges that give players a special meter providing them a temporary buff in MyCareer matches and are some of the best boosts that a player can get in the game. Each archetype in the game has a Grand Badge that is exclusive to it. There is one Grand Badge in the game called the Sharpshooter Pro Grand Badge that allows a player to shoot from almost anywhere on the court. To get a Grand Badge, you must perform a character's Archetype Badge over a hundred times. Once you unlock a Grand Badge, a red icon will appear under the player. Note: You can still achieve badge progression on the Rookie difficulty.

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NBA 2K17

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The "NBA 2K17" patch update will reportedly address some bugs and glitches found in the game. To be fair, however, the complaints have been few and far between from players who have tried the latest installment in the franchise.
Among the bugs and glitches that are being resolved in the "NBA 2K17" patch update include the issue when the character in MyPLAYER looks blurred during the interview portion with the studio crew.
Another problem is when the overall rating of a player will be stuck at 55 when gamers look over their player card during the shootaround. The MyLEAGUE Online also could not preserve the loaded custom draft classes, while the complaints by some users on pre-order about not being able to see the '92 Dream Team on the Play Now select menu have also been resolved.
Also, there are some problems with the connection online which have also been addressed by the "NBA 2K17" patch update.
Some PC users also reported about the game skipping during the middle of the game. Adding to the frustration is the game freezes right after and they have to restart their computers. However, the number of reports has been few.

What’s new in MyTEAM this year?

  • New Player Overalls and Gem Levels
  • Dynamic Duos
  • Free Agent trial cards
  • Quick Challenges
  • Collection completion rewards
  • MyTEAM Blacktop
  • MyTEAM Online
  • Smarter Matchmaking
  • Stat Tracking
  • The Diamond Board
  • Defensive MT bonuses
  • New Lineup management screen
  • Hall of Fame badges

New Player Overalls and Gem Levels

Let’s start with the cards this year. The first thing we did was squash the stats for every player in the current NBA collection. Wait, hold on, and before you flip over a table because last year’s MVP is rated at an 85 OVR, let me explain why this is actually awesome.
This year we took the concepts of Moments cards and Dynamic Ratings cards and merged them into one. We will be adding new Moments cards more frequently as well as expanding the definition of what constitutes a moment. It could be a player hitting a career high, a rookie having a breakout performance, or a rare occurrences where a player does something unbelievable. As the season progresses, upgraded Moments versions of players will start to appear in our packs. That means that any current player’s ratings can grow throughout the season based on their performance next year, so the sky is the limit and no more negative ratings updates on players. This also allows us to not hit a “ceiling” early when it comes to certain players, with steady progression throughout the year.
Historic NBA player’s ratings are now based on Moments in their career. Sometimes these will be a specific season, but they can reflect an entire era or a specific game. This means that we can pick and choose better versions of historic players. We’ve eliminated all Silver and Bronze level historic players, so every historic player is Gold or above.
This year, card levels will range from Bronze level rookies and bench players trying to break out to Pink Diamond performances engraved in NBA history. In all, we have 9 levels of cards–Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst, Diamond, and Pink Diamond. Tier colors are directly tied to player OVR ratings.

Dynamic Duos

The Holy Grail around here has been to try to find a way to reflect the magic that some players had when playing together. Those of us old enough can remember Stockton and Malone destroying defenses with their pick and roll game. Both players were great in their own right, but were amazing when they shared the court. Some of you young guns might think of Klay and Steph or KD and Westbrook.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Grand Theft Auto 5

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    About This Game
    Inconvenience taps on your window again with this next part in the Grand Theft Auto universe, set in the city of Los Santos and its encompassing slopes, wide open and shorelines. A striking new course in open-world opportunity, narrating, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V concentrates on the quest for the all important dollar in a rethought, present-day Southern California. 

    Los Santos: a sprawling sun-drenched city loaded with self improvement masters, starlets and blurring famous people, once the jealousy of the Western world, now attempting to stay above water in a time of financial vulnerability and shoddy unscripted television. 

    In the midst of the turmoil, three altogether different crooks plot their own possibilities of survival and achievement: Franklin, a road hawker searching for genuine open doors and genuine cash; Michael, an expert ex-con whose retirement is a considerable measure less blushing than he trusted it would be; and Trevor, a fierce crazy person driven by the shot of a modest high and the following huge score. Coming up short on alternatives, the team dangers everything in a progression of brave and perilous heists that could set them up forever.
    Make Money Gta Online.

     mula is rare out the initial couple of hours of GTA 5, and this page depicts How to Make Money in GTA 5, including consummately pure ways, and straight up tricks. on the off chance that you require an additional couple of dollars to bear the cost of that glossy Grenade Launcher or Super Heavy Armor need any side cash also watch the video below and learn to make cash on gta to get the suit or gun u always wanted

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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    About This Game
    A piece of the baffling twin amusement extends that frame section five in the Metal Gear establishment, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain proceeds with the mind boggling adventure of the Snake trooper line, uniting story lines from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, and whatever remains of the Metal Gear course of events.
    Tips And Tricks
    These tips and traps for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain will help you get off on the right foot with the phenomenal new MGS experience. Metal Gear takes as much time as necessary clarifying a percentage of the more vital subtleties of the diversion. It's useful to know however much as could reasonably be expected from the earliest starting point with the goal that you can get a head begin on beating the foe, become a close acquaintence with more Buddies, and setting up a superior stock in Mother Base. It's one part of IGN's aide demonstrating to you the techniques, collectibles, and areas you have to know not every MGS 5 mission. Check our a greater amount of our Metal Gear 5 Walkthrough for more Cheats, Easter Eggs, and Tips and Tricks. 


    Your base-level bionic arm has a clever inherent element. By entering your order menu (L1) and selecting the upward alternative on R1, you can start a Knock charge. This causes your arm to emanate a peaceful, interesting sound completely ideal for drawing close-by watchmen into scope of your scuffle takedown. It's just compelling inside of a couple meters, which makes it particularly helpful for specific allurement. 

    Only a Box 

    In the wake of building up the Cardboard Box amid Episode 02: Diamond Dogs, Snake can add Posters and decals to it that will have shifting impacts while on-mission. 

    In the wake of finding a blurb out in the open world, join it to your Box by utilizing the thing selector and squeezing Sq. (PS) or X (Xbox), you can pick which publication you'd like to add to the container. A few decals, for example, the saucy swimsuit woman, will have watchmen salivating like a puppy at dinner while the fighter decals will make them salute. 

    Discovering a Puppy 

    Everyone needs a puppy, particularly one that will grow up to one day turn into the best situational-mindfulness Buddy a bionic ninja stealth commando could need. To discover D-Dog, head to the arrival site north of the Spugmay Keep in free wander mode after a couple of missions, or amid missions like Episode 04: C2W. Land in the daytime and meander around a touch of listening for yapping. The little gentleman will run straight up to you. Fulton him out. When you come back to Mother Base he'll be holding up. Make companions with him and continue keeping an eye on him each couple of missions. In the long run he'll develop sufficiently vast to begin going along with you on missions where his marvelous faculties will verify you generally know where adversaries are adjacent. 

    Adversaries Adapt 

    Adversaries in Metal Gear seem to gain from your most loved strategies. Utilize a ton of headshots and you'll catch discussions showing that new shipments of protective caps are arriving. Before long you'll begin seeing a considerable lot of your enemies in apparatus that makes your past most loved strategies harder to utilize. Switch to various dart shots to the body and you may see more fire vests. Come in around evening time a great deal? Expect shipments of electric lamps. The foe is continually learning. 

    Countering Adaptations 

    Once you've picked up the capacity to make Combat Deployments and have the right work force close by, you can start fooling so as to neutralize these adjustments with adversary hardware, Certain attacks open to your battle groups will permit you to harm manufacturing plants, wrecking supplies of head protectors, cameras, and a great deal more. 

    Construct a Zoo 

    The Afghan and Angolan fields are both overflowing with untamed life. Utilizing a sedative weapon or traps, you can catch and Fulton this natural life away to Mother Base. Does this net you money, as well as permits you to stock your base with a government protected habitat zoo, complete with examples of each species you've safeguarded from the battle area. Head over and visit your textured companions. 

    Calm Commands 

    It's not promptly clear that you really have two unmistakable methods for summoning Quiet. You can issue her charges through the L1 menu in a way like D-Horse, however you can likewise order her from the primary guide screen whenever. By pushing here and there through your labeling alternatives, you can arrange her to either scout any station, uncovering dangers adjacent, or you can have her take up a killing assault position at any number of areas checked on the guide by a gunsight symbol. 

    Protected POWs Usually Have High Stats 

    Experts aren't the main wellspring of first class troops. While grabbing the best accessible officers is dependably a smart thought, you can fundamentally help your Mother Base profitability by saving prisoners. It's quite often justified regardless of the inconvenience to discover and Fulton out any detainees in the region. A large number of these prisoner areas are uncovered through grilling caught troops, so press points of interest out of meandering watchmen at whatever point you can. 

    Crush Enemy Equipment 

    The satellite transfers situated in foe camps can be crushed with incredible potential advantages. Dishes come in two sorts. The littler transfers are interchanges dishes. These are utilized to bring in fortifications when armies are exhausted. Annihilate these and you can cut off support, yet note you must decimate each one of these dishes in the region for this strategy to be powerful. 

    The bigger truck-mounted clearing dishes are AA radar. Crushing these makes arrival in a zone much more secure for your chopper and permits you to open up new LZs, some privilege on top of your position. 

    Mate Trust Levels 

    The more you enterprise with particular Buddies, the more noteworthy your compatibility and the more amigo trust level alternatives open up. As you invest more energy finishing missions with a Buddy, new order alternatives, Buddy Gear, and capacities open up.

    Madden 16

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    Play Now Mode
    Play Now is the fundamental show mode, permitting you to set up an amusement between any two groups, or even have a cooperative effort itself! Up to four players can play, and can separate themselves anyway they wish. You could have three people controlling one group while a solitary human controls the other, for instance. 

    You can likewise Play Now coordinates on the web, or against the AI. These matches, paying little respect to whether you're playing human or the AI, don't have any ramifications past pride or fun. It'll allow you to explore different avenues regarding diverse playbooks or strategies without taking a chance with your Head-to-Head record in Communities or Madden Ultimate Team.
    Depth Chart
    Dealing with Your Depth Chart appropriately is the way to fleeting accomplishment in Franchise. Your profundity graph is somewhat less important in Madden Ultimate Team, given that no player will stay harmed past the present amusement, so your starters will probably be the main ones who truly matter. 

    Fitting Depth 

    Apparently, the profundity graph serves as a positioning framework to guarantee that your program has enough faculty to cover for crises. Each program obliges a sure number of individuals at each position, regardless of the possibility that you may not see them on the field. For instance, each group is obliged to have two dynamic QBs, and numerous groups decide to have three. While the reinforcement QB is utilized as the holder for field objective endeavors, it's impossible he'll see much other utilization. The third QB is unrealistic to ever see an amusement. 

    Note that you can see the general checks of your program, including least tallies by position, in the My Team | Team Needs screen, as demonstrated as follows.
    Draft Champions
    Draft Champions is the freshest method of the Madden NFL establishment. Draft Champions is essentially a lighter form of Madden Ultimate Team: you start by picking a mentor from a rundown of three applicants, and your beginning choice decides your cooperative effort's style. As in MUT, the play style gives rewards to any player who matches the style also, and does not bring about punishments against the individuals who don't. 

    Diversions in Draft Champions are constantly three-moment quarters without a quickened clock. This implies the running diversion is minimized. You ought to dependably pick a mentor who has some expertise in a pass-arranged offense, and most likely a pass-situated safeguard as well. 

    In the wake of picking your mentor, the diversion will create a base group for you, then assignment you to procure more players through a 15-round draft. In every round, you'll have a determination of three conceivable applicants, typically all with comparable general evaluations. Their individual contrasts and favored play style are the most critical aspects here, and you have as much time as you need to thoroughly analyze them.

    Tomb Raider For Ps4 And Xb1

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                                       Rise Of The Tomb Raider

    There are seven stand-alone Treasure Maps which uncover all concealed GPS Caches, Relics, and Documents in a district of the island. When Lara gets her hands on that, you can track marking so as to miss things them in you in-diversion map (which is much more exact and supportive when you are voyaging). 

    You may endeavor to find each of the seven Treasure Maps (alternate maps are prizes for finishing the Tombs) utilizing the Tomb Raider intelligent guide. 

    The seven Optional Tombs have the other seven fortune maps. Their doorways are on the Tomb Raider intelligent guide also


    Lara can consequently discover and imprint using so as to miss Documents, Relics, and GPS Caches herself the Cartography expertise. Notice that the objectives for Challenges won't show up when Lara utilizes Survival Instinct (her "criminologist vision"); for test markers, you should allude to our theTomb Raider intuitive
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